Multi Event Changemakers


Want to run several marathons, hold a read-a-thon, play 100 rounds of tennis, participate in a Liver Life Walk or do anything else you can think of to raise funds for ALF all in the same year? If yes, you’re a CHANGEMAKER!

Commit to raising $50,000 or more from multiple events held within the same calendar year and we’ll configure them all in one spot with one custom URL to share with your donors, friends and family! Track your progress towards each goal from one simple place. Your story will be featured on our website, and you just might inspire everyone else around you to become a changemaker, too!

Funds raised by changemakers will benefit the 100 million Americans affected by liver disease through resourceseducation and support services and advance advocacy efforts and liver disease research.

Click below to get started and join this elite group of people dedicated to changing the face of liver disease!

How it works

  1. Contact Us– Get the changemaking started! Contact Kelly Smith, Vice President, Events at and 646-737-9429 to learn more and register for this elite program.
  2. Personalize – We’ll help you customize your personal page with your unique liver story. Our dedicated staff will reach out and send you all the details!
  3. Share – Spread the word about your changemaking journey and ask for support. After you register, you’ll get templates, fundraising resources and more.

Join our Multi Event Changemakers one donation at a time

Jim Miller

More than 23 years ago, Jim ran his first-ever marathon with American Liver Foundation in memory of his father. That race sparked a fire in Jim, and in 2025 he plans to complete his 300th marathon. Jim is passionate about the Liver Life Challenge endurance program and is committed to raising awareness and critical funds for ALF. Serving as ALF’s first Liver Life Challenge Global Ambassador, Jim promotes local and international opportunities to run for Team ALF and will participate in the 2024 Berlin Marathon.