Jim Miller

Running for ALF in memory of dad

Jim Miller

Join me in our efforts to support ALF!

More than 23 years ago, friends, family and co-workers helped me raise funds for American Liver Foundation (ALF) with generous donations to my first-ever marathon in memory of my father, who died from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in 1999. And 14 years later, you helped me raise funds for ALF as I ran my 100th marathon. In 2021, just seven years after my 100th marathon, we raised funds once more for my 200th marathon. Now, my sites are set on running my 300th marathon and I hope to raise $100,000! 

Will you help me make my goal?  IF so,

I am committed and passionate about raising these funds for ALF, which just named me Liver Life Challenge Global Ambassador. This volunteer role will allow me to dedicate 300 hours of service between now and April 2025 and I am honored for the opportunity to help expand ALF’s footprint on the international running stage.

As with any marathon or any of my ULTRA runs, it begins with one step at a time. My campaign is very personal, as I want to spare others the hardship and heartache that my family and I experienced as we lost my dad to NAFLD. Staying fit through a healthy lifestyle and vibrant exercise can do a lot to prevent this devastating disease and stave off its life-threatening complications. I hope you will join me in reaching my goal one step at a time and one donation at a time. 

GOAL  300
GOAL  300

Support Jim Miller one donation at a time

BMW Berlin Marathon

On September 29, 2024, Jim will run the BMW Berlin Marathon. Support his efforts today!

Maine Celebration

A gathering of American Liver Foundation supporters to toast Jim's efforts.


Coco Goose Give Back Fundraiser

Support Jim's fundraising efforts while shopping at Coco Goose. A portion of every sale will be donated to ALF.